Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Best Friend And I Ever Be More?

“I’m a Virgo (9/4/87) and my best friend is a Gemini (6/10/85). He’s perfect (or at least seems that way). We started hanging out last year, but we’ve been BFF ever since. I did like him a lot about six months ago and told him so, but unfortunately he had eyes for another woman at the time. We didn’t talk for a week, but then reconciled and we still talk nearly everyday for hours at a time. We’ve both dated people since then and our dating lives seems like the only topic we can’t discuss unless one of us is having a big problem and need help from the other sex. We’re both seeing other people right now, but I was talking to a mutual friend the other night who told me that my face lit up whenever he texted me or I even made mention of him. I feel like I’ve repressed my feelings for him because I don’t want to get hurt, but is there any chance he likes me too and not in the best friend way? I know I should ask him, but I don’t want to get my heart stomped on again.” – Hopelessly Perplexed

OMG, I was in the same exact situation in high school with my best guy friend. Watch “Some Kind of Wonderful!” As for the astro stuff, here it is: There is always a chance a Gemini likes you if he is into talking to you all the time. However, how much responsibility he wants to have to take it to the next level is another story. With the tricky twins, there is always more than meets the eye and two sides of the story with them. So, while he might like you, it just might not be enough for him to really engage his thoughts or emotions about it. Geminis are born with an inherent fear of losing their freedom and your guy in question happens to have not just sun in Gemini, but Moon and Mercury — which means he is about the personality equivalent of six people. This guy is ambivalent about a lot of things — so as weird as this sounds, don’t take it too personally that he’s not feeling you in that way, it’s just that he operates in a much more flighty way than you. While he might or might not have feelings for you, he hasn’t taken it in enough to think about it as you have. And speaking of you…

As much as he is a Gemini, you are a Virgo, as your sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in that sign. This means you have probably over thought this situation and the only way to really quell your thoughts about it is to bite the bullet and be direct in seeing what could happen between you two romantically. To do this, it’ll mean waking up his Gemini curiosity by catching him spontaneously and playfully — like just going for it with a move or verbally putting what you want on the table in a serious, but lighthearted way. While nothing can guarantee you what you want, at best you can flush out whether he does have feelings for you. Doing it this way also fits because he is the type of guy that needs to have something concrete to consider, while you need facts, otherwise you could endlessly dissect every thing he does and says.

In general though, keep in mind that Gemini and Virgo are square signs, which means tension. However, since you’re both ruled by Mercury, it makes for an intense mental connection that typically does have sexual undertones and if given the chance, can be totally explosive. However, when it comes to Gemini, one can never tell how long they can keep the attention where you want it, while you need someone decisive. So, keep this in mind if you continue to obsess about him, because consistency and a solid sense of security in a relationship with him won’t be easy to come by, if at all..

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