Would You Do It In Public?

Are you into public PDA … specifically of the horizontal polka variety? According to Don Q’s Lady Data, 12 percent of women are down with having sex in public. A risky rendezvous no doubt. Whether you are part of the 88 percent that prefers to keep your sex life in the bedroom or a member of the public freaks club, you can’t help but enjoy these naughty episodes. After the jump, some tales of sex in public places. Share yours, if you dare!

“My boyfriend and I snuck into a local resort to use their pool. Things got kind of hot and heavy, so we moved to a canvas cabana room to get it on. Everything was going well, until some kids busted in on us. We shamefully picked up our discarded bathing suits and were kindly escorted out by security since we were 1) caught having sex in public and 2) not actually guests at the resort. Oops.”

“I have had lots of sex in cars. Once I got busted doing it in the back seat of a car in college, behind a bar. But that didn’t stop me. I did it again on the side of the road in Italy … now that was fun.”

“When he was a teenager, my boyfriend was arrested for public indecency for getting hot ‘n heavy at a theme park with his girlfriend. They were getting so steamy a cop came over, arrested them and made their parents come pick them up in jail. So, I guess that experience might have ruined our chances for public sex.”

“I had sex with my boyfriend in a movie theater once. It was the middle of a weekday afternoon, the theater was nearly empty (the movie was ‘Prairie Home Companion,’ natch), and I was wearing a skirt. Definitely worth the cost of admission. Tip: If you want an almost empty theater to screw in, see a Lindsay Lohan movie.”

“I’ve done it in: 1) Front yard of my local grade school at night. 2) Under a boardwalk on the Jersey shore. 3) On a golf course. 4) Several public bathrooms.”

“This may sound dirty (literally) but it was kind of amazing. I did it in an abandoned construction lot. It was closed for the night so my guy and I found an empty John Deere and did the deed in there.”

Now it’s your turn.