The Halloween Inspiration Board: Nancy Spungen

We can’t help but be fascinated by Sid Vicious’ ill-fated (not to mention ill-mannered) girlfriend. She was kind of like the Courtney Love of her time, except way less rich, famous and, if you can believe it, even more tragic. To get in the mood, blast Never Mind The Bollocks, watch “Sid and Nancy” on repeat, and try some of these accessories on for size.

  1. An old, roughed-up motorcycle jacket would work best (bonus points for punk “flair”), but this one comes pre-crinkled. [$48.88, Forever 21]
  2. Don’t hold back on the red lipstick, and feel free to color outside the lines. May also double as fake blood. [$18, Sephora]
  3. Any old denim skirt will do, just make sure it’s ripped. [$19.99, Target]
  4. Nancy totally would have shoplifted this drool-worthy bracelet right out of the store. [$35, Guess]
  5. These might be just a little too pretty, but you get the point. [$24.99, Charlotte Russe]