The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

Jessica Wakeman | October 9, 2009 - 8:45 pm

Damn you, world. Don’t you know those of us who work in the media, like everyone else, likes to take things slow on Friday? We don’t like it when things actually happen, ’cause that means we have to pretend we’re still coherent and work! Don’t give Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, when all us want is to go home, have a few drinks and see “Couples Retreat.” And don’t have your baby, Heidi Klum. And don’t go on “The View”, showing everyone in America that ginormous, tacky 9-carat rock on your finger, Khloe Kardashian ….

  • Amelia taunted us with a blind item about a womanizer-on-TV actor who is well-hung in real life.
  • Annika wondered how grown women make friends. I’ll be your friend, Annika!
  • Catherine figured out how to dress like Lady Gaga without looking like a nutter.
  • Ami wrote up a list of how not to praise our vaginas!
  • Kate fretted over when she lost her fashion balls.
  • Erin figured out what a dude’s underwear says about him, everything from tighty-whiteys to manties.
  • Big brother to us all, our very own John DeVore, warned us against co-habitating before marriage, although I personally smiled politely, nodded and ignored him.
  • David Letterman diddled some of his female staff members, a women’s rights group got upset, and we said, “meh.”
  • Pro-lifers celebrated National Pro-Life Cupcakes Day, although we can’t imagine why.
  • The Sex & The City 2 costume department confounded us all.
  • Pet portraits came back in style!
  • Guy Ritchie called his ex-wife Madonna “retarded.”
  • Lingerie for dogs … it’s just wrong.
  • Marie Claire debuted a new style column written by Ashley Falcon, a size 18, plus-size stylist.
  • France’s First Lady Carla Bruni complained in a blog post about the “beauty contest” the media creates between her, Michelle Obama and Princess Letizia of Spain.
  • said Don Draper from “Mad Men” is the most influential man of 2009. Um, are we watching the same “Mad Men,” guys?
  • Dating website OKCupid curiously declared racism “alive and well” on their web site.
  • The Dalai Lama said he wants his successor to be a chick!
  • And last but not least, Dina Lohan announced she is creating designer shoes called for … so you can wear them with her daughter Lindsay’s leggings?