It’s National Pro-Life Cupcakes Day!

Cupcakes! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Makes me think of Sex and the City … birthday parties … sugary frosting … abortion.

Wait … wha?! Unless this is a big joke and I am just very gullible, Cupcakes For Life is a website that’s celebrating National Pro-Life Cupcakes Day today by staging a birthday party for the unborn babies of abortion. Cupcakes For Life suggests you bring a tray of cupcakes in for a group of people who, naturally, will ask, “Cupcakes! Whose birthday is it?” Then you, the cupcake baker, are supposed to say, “It’s no one’s birthday. These cupcakes represent the 50,000,000 children who weren’t allowed to be born, who never had a birthday.” The helpful “cupcake ideas” page offers suggested frosting slogans, like “Thou shalt not murder” and “abortion kills.” Cupcakes For Life’s Q&A section even helps you deal with the nefarious problem of violent pro-choice cupcake smashers:

What if I run into a pro-choicer and they smash the cupcakes in my face?
Wipe the cake off your face and share the rest of them with someone less angry inside. Go with courage and go with love, the unborn need you to be their voice.

Are these people joking? I honestly can’t tell.

Seriously, pro-lifers, it’s fine by me if you’re against abortion as a personal choice for yourself. But do you have to go ruin baked goods for everybody? [Cupcakes For Life]