United Bamboo Dresses Up Kitties, We Can’t Get Enough

These models are fierce! We would love to wake up each day and have runway garb greet us as we check the date. Unfortunately, staring a high-fashion model in the face (and body) first thing in the AM would probably shoot our day to hell before it even got started. United Bamboo has managed to combine our morning craving for couture with an “awwwww” fix in their 2010 calendar. [Refinery29]

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Note to those who are pet-obsessed: This is for amusement, so please do not start dressing like your cat.

If this kimono-clad kitty doesn’t make your jaw drop, it must be wired shut. We are digging the silky stream of colors on the model, but United Bamboo ready-to-wear might look better on the feline.

If you want your own copy of the calendar, order it now from United Bamboo!