Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy

So, I was going to give you the daily Gosselin update, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to write about their dysfunction one more time this week (click here to read all about how daddy douche couldn’t even get his twins’ names spelled right on their birthday cake yesterday). Then I decided how about I bring you a real feel-good story instead? It’s Friday, after all, no? Check this out: ten-year-old Amiya Alexander is proving it’s never too early to follow your dreams … and to own your own pink bus. This is no ordinary pink bus, though, oh no. Inspired by a dream, the tripped-out set of wheels is actually a dance studio called Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy. In it, the 6th grader, who developed the schedule, instruction and business model teaches ballet, jazz, hip-hop and a bunch of other dances to kids aged 2-12. She’s got a patent on the bus — the only one of its kind in the country — proving that she’s creative, ambitious, and smart. Clip above.