Agent Provocateur Makes Halloween Easy

Halloween is right around the corner, and I’ll readily admit that my costume has yet to be decided. Agent Provocateur must be counting on the fact that girls all over will not only wait until the last minute to decide their alter ego for the night, but also on the idea that Halloween is an excuse to dress as slutty as possible. The undies brand launched their newest superhero-inspired collection just in time for the holiday celebration. Sexy Tarantula? Check. Racy Reptile? Also there.This year, AP has a fashion theme going for them, as their designs perfectly fit in with the whole lingerie-as-outerwear look that’s been shown on the runway this season. That being said, as much as I love AP, I won’t be strutting around in my skivvies in public, but I just may use their superhero themes as inspiration for my own costume. [FabSugar]