25 Male Celebrities Who Are Past Their Expiration Dates

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It was probably their intention, but when I saw Spike.com’s list of the Top 10 Actresses Past Their Expiration Date, I couldn’t muster up much rage. Sexism, alive and well on crappy men’s websites. YAWN. Their list included everyone from Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore (the most egregious inclusion in my opinion, as the chick is on a f**king roll) to Sarah Jessica Parker and Teri Hatcher and seems to be based entirely on looks. Whatever, schlubs. I decided to go for an immature rebuttal to their silly little list — male celebrities who are past their expiration dates are easy to come by. So easy, my fellow Frisky gals and I found 25. Suck it, fellas! (Our girls at Lemondrop had the same idea — check out their list here.)
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