Today’s Lady News: Behold “Crazy Cat Lady,” The Board Game

  • Let me guess—all the crazy cat lady game pieces in the oh-so-ironic “Crazy Cat Lady Game” are single? [Urban Outfitters]
  • A former patient of Dr. Phil McGraw, Oprah’s self-help guru, has accused him of sexual assault. Shirley Dieu filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming Dr. Phil trapped her in his production office and groped her breast. [NY Daily News]
  • Were you appalled yesterday when you learned that after November 1st in Oklahoma, all data regarding a woman’s abortion will appear online per state law? Then brace yourself, dearies. Here’s some of the utterly useless information that state is collecting about each woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy: date of her abortion; county in which abortion is performed; her age; her marital status; her race; her years of education; her state of residence; her total number of previous live births, miscarriages and abortions. SCARY.[Think Progress]
  • Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) passed a major piece of legislation yesterday which will withhold government contracts to companies which restrict their employees from taking workplace rape, violence or discrimination to court. Franken’s amendment is in response to the ordeal of Jamie Leigh Jones (third item), a former employee of defense contractors KBR/Halliburton in Iraq. Jones was gang raped by colleagues, but had been forbidden in her contract to take her case to court. [Feministe]
  • Herta Muller, a Romanian-born German female writer, won the Nobel Prize for Literature. [Washington Post]
  • Unwed mothers in South Korea are banding together to fight their culture’s stigma against single motherhood. Single moms in South Korea are strongly encouraged by their families and the government to give their children up for adoption, as abortion is illegal. [New York Times]