The Halloween Inspiration Board: The Queen Of Hearts

With Tim Burton’s psychedelic version of “Alice in Wonderland” in the works, I’ve gotten newly excited about following a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. I don’t really want to be Alice cause she’s booooring, so I think I’m gonna be the Queen of Hearts this year. It’s a simple getup to put together. Get a black and white dress—I’ll spend more on a super cute one I can wear any time of the year. Add heart accessories in red and black, plus a crown and a scepter, which you can make out of tin foil. Voila. You’re ready to go around screaming, “Off with your head!”

  1. Black and White Dress, $395, ShopBop
  2. Black Hearts Necklace, $7, Forever 21
  3. Red Heart Pendant, $38, Uncommon Goods
  4. Heart Tiara, $1, Buy Costumes