The Gosselin Twins Get More Fighting For Their Birthday

Today is the ninth birthday of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s two oldest kids, twins Cara and Maddy, and for their special day they get parents bad-mouthing each other to the public and fighting over custody! Happy birthday, girls! Last night Jon Gosselin appeared on yet another show, this time Entertainment Tonight, with some choice words for his estranged wife (clip above). And when some guy with a camera caught him taking a smoke break during a shopping spree in New York yesterday afternoon, Jon had no problem sharing a personal email he received from Kate proposing a change of custody on the twins’ birthday. Though they’re supposed to have joint custody on all holidays and special occasions, Kate would prefer Jon spend only two hours with them today, picking them up from school at four o’clock and being out of the house by six so she doesn’t have to see him. In exchange, she’s offering him most of the weekend with the kids when she would normally have them. Jon, of course, has no intention of giving Kate what she wants and says he may even spend the night in the house tonight with the kids and Kate. Oh, good times! I’m sure this will be a birthday the twins will never forget. [via RadarOnline]