Would You Buy $600 Glasses If They Were Tailor-Made For You?

We’ve talked glasses before. Like Amelia, I’m guilty of rocking a pair of “dated” frames, and I’m in the market for some new, not-circa-1997 eyeglasses. So when I happened upon Indivijual custom eyewear, I was intrigued. Indivjual allows customers to completely personalize their specs. The process begins with a full assessment of your skin, hair and eye color, face shape and personality, and ends with a carefully considered, well-designed pair of glasses that entirely compliments and expresses your persona (and works with your hair color, too). The glasses are around 600 bucks, which is not cheap. But, frankly, I’ve seen more of those crazy expensive Chanel eyeglasses on women these days than ever before and those ain’t pennies on the dollar either. Why not spend a little more and get yourself a haute custom experience? Something to save up for. [Cool Hunting]