The FBI Investigated Anna Nicole Smith For Murder-For-Hire

Anna Nicole Smith was a lot of things, but she wasn’t, as far as the FBI is concerned, a murderer. It was recently divulged that, beginning in 2000, the FBI started investigating Smith after they kept hearing word that she was trying to off her dead husband’s son, E. Pierce Marshall. The two were in a drawn-out legal battle over the dead dude’s estate, which was worth about $550 million in 1992. Smith’s hubby was 89 when they got married and she was 26. He died about a year after the wedding. Sketchy, yes, but in the end, the FBI decided there was “insufficient evidence” against Anna. But they did find out a few head-scratching things …… like a gun! The FBI confiscated a Smith and Wesson revolver and a huge kitchen knife from the house. They also took a black and orange hat, for reasons we can only begin to imagine. Oh yeah, and Smith burst into tears when confronted about the alleged plot. Later, the weapons were returned, which was probably the worst idea ever. Hellooo FBI, this is Anna Nicole Smith we’re talking about.

The crazy thing is, pretty much everyone who was arguing over the money is dead now. The rich hubby, his son, Anna and even her son are all six feet under. Turns out, most of the moolah is going to Smith’s daughter, who is three now. Oh the irony. [MSNBC]