The Halloween Inspiration Board: Julia Child

Think of Julia Child and the word “sexy” might not come to mind. But then think about all you could do if she were suddenly a sexy Halloween costume. Imagine a short, coquettish apron to show off legs. And a spatula to punish naughty trick-or-treaters.

  1. Don a mint green collared shirt and make your own patch that says “Les Trois Gourmandes” (name of Julia’s cooking school and team), $38, American Apparel
  2. Navy tennis skirt, $14.90, Forever 21
  3. Chef’s hat, $3.18,
  4. Spatula (or swipe one from the kitchen, obvi), $13.95, Amazon
  5. Organic cotton apron (double in half to make an apron-skirt), $18.95, Crate and Barrel