Gap Body Makes The Best T-Shirts In The History Of Mankind

Gap Body’s new T-shirts are probably the best I’ve ever encountered in my life. I’ve gone fancy, forking over as much as $110 for a simple tee in the hopes that it would hug my body and make me feel complete. Things always went well at first, with the v-neck laying just so. Then everything began to degenerate. Watching so many seemingly solid relationships fall apart was upsetting. So when I bought two Gap Body T-shirts for $12.50 each, I thought of it as a band-aid maneuver: cover the problem with cheap fixes until The Real Thing comes along. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with my rebound T.

With us, there are no games. It doesn’t fit perfectly in the morning and stretch obnoxiously during the day. It doesn’t fray at the seams when I’m just trying to look good. We’re happy together and we wish you the same joy.

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