Quickies: The 5 Stages Of Relationships & The 100th Episode Of “How I Met Your Mother”

  • Relationships start out fun and full of laughs, but, eventually, they end in passive-aggressive battles. Which of the five stages of relationships are you in? [Maxim]
  • A panel of judges has deemed the neck an intimate part of the body after Wahid Sene tried to have his conviction for breaking into a woman’s apartment, stripping naked, getting into bed with her, and licking her neck overturned. [Gothamist] — Is this seriously a fetish for people outside the wannabe-vampire set?
  • Looking for a forum where you can kiss, f**k, and tell besides all the other popular social networking sites? Well, I Just Made Love lets you “say exactly when, where and, yes, how you got it on.” [Urban Daddy] — Seriously, when are we going to quit with the TMI?
  • Tim Gunn will make a guest appearance as a “personal tailor/ fashion consultant” as Barney tries to fix a major-league “suit catastrophe” on the 100th episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” according to series co-creator Craig Thomas. [Los Angeles Times] — Tim Gunn and Rachel Bilson! I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Would you bring a girlfriend to a wedding if you knew there weren’t going to be any single guys and none of your male friends are willing to go? [ TrèsSugar] — You’re going to tell her about it anyway, so you might as well bring her along.
  • The British government is going to use Homer Simpson to increase healthier eating. [Reuters] — Nothing, especially not a cartoon character, is going to stop people from eating how they want unless they suffer a major health crisis.