Neiman Marcus Scales Down Fantasy Gift Catalogue, Leaves You Hobos With Private Plane

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus is really feeling the economic downturn. So much so that they’ve totally scaled back their annual “fantasy gift” catalogue to exclude seven- and eight-figure products. In the past, reports the Wall Street Journal, offerings included $10 million Zeppelins and an even more expensive submarine. This year, the recession has forced us to deal with the marked-down leftovers—an $8,500 preserved African Flower Beetle (ewwww); some six-figure, special-edition Jaguar (yawn); and a “literary experience” with an acclaimed author (bo-ring). And to think that in past years they offered trips to outer space! What are we going to get Granny for Christmas now?The most luxe item is this $250K “his-hers” carbon fiber plane. We’d rather settle for a drive in the country with our manfriends in a Cupcake Car, which reaches speeds of seven miles per hour, for the bargain price of $25,000. Plus, you look extra awesome while you’re driving it. [Wall Street Journal]