Could You Live In An All-White Home?

I was shuffling through these photos of Scandinavian set designer and stylist Tina Törnquist’s work and it struck me: I love the way an all-white interior looks … well, in photos anyways. Everything is completely uncluttered (a huge plus for me considering I live in a closet of an apartment), clean, shiny and serene-looking. But here’s the thing: How do people actually live in those bleached-out spaces? Personally, I could never, ever live in a world of all white—no matter how gorgeous it appears to be. There would be nothing to do with serenity happenin’ my head, I’d be too busy freaking the eff out about where the next spill, smudge or dirty shoes would come from! This makes for a situation way beyond worrying. What about you — would you dare live in an all-white home? (Without the 24-hour-a-day assistance of a cleaning person, that is.) How far do you take your love of clean white spaces? White walls? Would you ever buy a white couch? What about white rugs? There’s just something about all that white, for me, that makes it impossible to relax in my own home. But, in theory, I adore this look! [Desire to Inspire]