Director Of “My Nappy Roots” Sues Chris Rock Over “Good Hair”

Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” hasn’t even come out yet, and he’s already being sued. Filmmaker Regina Kimbell filed the suit, claiming that the flick infringes on the copyright for her award-winning documentary, “My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage,” which she maybe screened for Chris Rock two years ago. The lawsuit claims that there are major similarities between the two films, including the inspiration (their daughters) and the interviews with medical pros, celebs and comedians. Plus, both filmmakers go to hair relaxer manufacturing plants and touch on India’s involvement in providing hair for weaves. Even the trailers for both films are pretty similar—just compare the “My Nappy Roots” preview above to the “Good Hair” one after the jump. [MSNBC]

“Good Hair” opens in select cities this week and nationwide on October 23, while Kimbell’s film received several awards at independent movie festivals between 2002 and 2007. Kimbell says that Chris Rock’s executive producer, Doug Miller, asked for a private screening of “My Nappy Roots” for Chris Rock, but afterward, Miller wouldn’t sign the non-disclosure agreement. Now Kimbell is suing for copyright infringement, unfair competition, fraud and deceit and is looking to make about five million dollars in the trial.

These trailers are a bit too close for comfort, but we’re not quite ready to accuse Chris Rock of wrongdoing. Why didn’t he just hire Regina to help him as a consultant or something? Her movie was never released to the mainstream, while his has a chance to reach a large audience. Maybe they could’ve just joined forces?