A Pillow For Lonely And Depressed People

If I were in the business of selling pillows that mold, adjust, and even “breathe” in tune with the person cuddling them, I think I would go for an upbeat message. “Having a pillow that is practically lifelike in its response is awesome and neato! Go out and get one and your life will instantly ROCK!” I would do this because it’s likely that anyone who would buy a pillow that has real doll-like robotic characteristics is probably a sad and lonely human being, and I would want them to feel good about their purchase. (Keep in mind, I am writing this from the perspective of an evil business person, not a compassionate human being.) However, the designer behind the Funktiontide pillow clearly feels the opposite. In the video above, a pale, sallow-looking man sits, first on a mattress on the floor (is he a squatter?) and then on a bed in an all-white room (or in a mental facility?), looking morose and vaguely catatonic as he strokes and then spoons a doughy-looking mass — the Funktiontide pillow! The music is somber, like something out of a Lars Von Trier movie, and the general message of this little advertisement is something along the lines of … “Depressed? Suicidal? Have no friends or family that loves? The Funktiontide will keep you company until you take your last pathetic breath. Sweet dreams!”

With all that being said, I totes want one anyway. It looks cuddly! [Boing Boing]