WTF Is Going On In The “SATC 2″ Costume Department?

We get it. The reason to take a hit show like “Sex and The City” and make not one, but two feature films based on it are: a.) to continue the storyline for fans, and b.) to create a gloriously entertaining fashion parade on the big screen. (At least, that seems to be the motivation, besides making money and stuff, natch.) But the more clothes we see from the set, the more afraid we are. We know all about the “flashback” scenes to back when the girls — make that very grown women — were whooping it up in the ’80s. But, as opposed to some of the insane, OTT get-ups we’ve seen thus far, this particular costume is just circa 2009 enough to suggest it’s part of Carrie’s modern-day wardrobe. (We’re gonna assume the Uggs are just for comfort between filming scenes. Hell, for all I know, this could be what SJP strolled into work wearing, in which case I still say, “WTF?”) Sure, the ripped-up, holey jeans are totally on trend right now and the Paris Hilton-esque tiara could even be sorta cute, if you’re, like, 18 years old. Would it be so awful to let the characters, and their wardrobes, mature just a smidge? It’s not like I’m some stickler for “dressing your age” or anything, but there’s a fine line between trendy and stylish and just plain ridiculous. These pants? They cross it.