Woman Lives In RV With Giant Man Doll

You’ve probably heard of love dolls for men. But what about women? Artist Laura Zuspan spent a month living in an RV with a man-sized doll. For A Little Pocket Utopia/Life’s A Mess, Zuspan tackled the subject of relationships by sharing a dilapidated, solar-powered Airstream trailer with a “six-foot man/rag doll.” The project was born out of her anger over global warming and climate change; “I wanted to create a project where the idea of sustaining human life — procreating — is questionable when we’re a greedy enough species to destroy the environment that we rely on for everything,” she explains. Zuspan and her mother worked together on the giant man-doll, which has LED eyes and is called Dolly, to “make the perfect man for me.” Dolly has a penny whistle for a penis, “so we can engage in lyrical fellatio.” So far, they haven’t procreated. [Viceland]