Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff, And The 90 Bazillion Guest Stars On CW Shows

The CW has gone guest-star crazy! On last night’s episode of “Gossip Girl,” Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks both had major roles, and socialite/designer Tory Burch popped up in a cameo, as did Georgina Chapman, the designer for Marchesa. Hilary is Dan’s new love interest; she plays actress Olivia Burke who enrolls at NYU and becomes Vanessa’s roommate. She was reasonably decent, but since she’s sticking around for a few episodes, we certainly hope that they’ll upgrade her wardrobe from that ill-fitting t-shirt she donned for most of last night’s episode. We certainly don’t watch “Gossip Girl” for tees! The real story, however, was Tyra.She played Duff’s co-star in a movie called “Fleur” — she was pumped to be playing Josephine Baker, but her scene in the flick got cut. This episode proved that Tyra is soooo not an actress. She way over-delivered her lines, her facial expressions were bizarro and, wait, was that her smeyesing? It so doesn’t work on video. Isn’t this the same woman who has each cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” hopefuls go through acting classes and teases them for their poor performances in CoverGirl commercials?

I digress. The point is: Rumer Willis has already started her run on “90210,” and Samantha Ronson will have a part in an upcoming episode. And then there’s Heather Locklear returning to “Melrose Place.” Does a guest star make you more likely to tune in?