Today’s Lady News: Egypt Wants To Ban A $30 Fake Virginity Kit

  • Egyptian lawmakers have called for a ban on importing the Artificial Virginity Hymen kit from China, a $30 kit that leaks a blood-like substance when inserted and broken, allowing women to fool men into thinking that they’re virgins. [Fox News]—Hmm, how about a ban on the degrading notion that a woman is only valuable if she hasn’t had sex before? Just a thought!
  • President Obama included “same sex couples” in a speech last week when he declared Sept. 28 “Family Day,” but some gay activists say they’re not impressed and want him to be a stronger advocate for LGBT families. [L.A. Times]

  • The Senate Finance Committee voted 12-11 (ten Republicans and two Democrats were in favor) to fund abstinence-only sex ed each year through 2014. [Feminist Daily News] The bill is far from being made a law, but it’s still frustrating that all these politicians are OK with giving money to programs that clearly don’t prevent teen pregnancy. When will these people ever learn that not teaching teens about sex is the dumbest idea ever?
  • Two out of the three winners for this year’s Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine were American women. Eight women have previously won a Nobel Prize for this particular award, but this is the first time two women have won together. Hooray! [New York Times]
  • Dr. George Tiller, the physician from Wichita, Kansas who performed controversial late-term abortions and was murdered by an anti-choice extremist earlier this spring, received a posthumous Medal of Honor from the International Federation of Planned Parenthood Foundation of America. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Mother-of-three Joy Szabo, 32, of Arizona, is unhappy that she is not allowed to choose how she can give birth to her fourth child. The CEO of Page Hospital, the nearest in her area, told Szabo they did not have enough physicians to assist her with a vaginal birth and so she’ll have to have a C-section or go someplace else. In June, the hospital also forbade vaginal births after C-sections, though Szabo, who had a C-section during her second pregnancy, gave birth naturally during her third without problems. [Feministing]