The Little Things Guys Do That Make Us Swoon

I was in 8th grade when my first boyfriend, Jeremy, made me a mix tape featuring my favorite song, “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam. Coincidence? Not. I have been known to fall for a guy for the most ludicrous reasons, like, say, being the namesake of my favorite song, having an organized wallet, or rocking some snazzy sneakers. Sure, Jeremy had the right name to grab my interest, but he really sealed the deal with the mix tape and affixed love note — “My favorite songs and yours. Love, Jer.”

A lot has happened since then. My cassette tapes have all been donated to Goodwill (except Jer’s … I still have it) and my heart has grown more sophisticated (I think), but the fact remains the same. For me, falling for a guy is all in the details. I don’t care about how much hair you have, how swanky your apartment is, or how much money you’ve got in the bank. It’s the little things you do to show that you care that make me swoon like a lunatic. I was a nervous wreck the first time Robert invited me to stay the night at his place. All day long, I was in an anxiety spiral imagining all the many things that could go wrong. What if he snores? Worse yet, what if I snore? Should I bring a sleepover bag? No, too dorky. But I HAVE to brush my teeth. What if he doesn’t like to share his toothbrush? Oh crap … what if he has bad dental hygiene? Will he be a jerk in the morning? Does he like brunch as much as me? Wait … what if our date goes bad and he un-invites me to spend the night? That is … if he even shows up! What if he stands me up? The anticipation was quickly turning me into a full-blown psycho.

After a long shower and a meditation session, I showed up to the restaurant sans sleepover bag – deciding to throw caution to the wind. I had gotten to a really “zen” place about the evening. If he likes me, he’ll like my morning breath. If not, he’ll dump me and the earth will continue turning. Simple. When we got back to Robert’s place after dinner (so far so good) he came out of his bathroom holding something behind his back. “I have a surprise for you,” he said. “What?” I was skeptical. Please don’t pull out some condoms and a bottle of lube right now, I prayed silently.

“Here.” He handed me a purple (my favorite color), soft-bristled toothbrush. I made an out-loud swooning sound, kind of a cross between an “ahhhh,” a sigh, and a moan. I must have sounded like a Muppet. “I love brushing my teeth!”

So, maybe not all of us ladies are as big of suckers for dental hygiene as I am. Read on to hear more of the little things that have caused big-time swoonfests.

“My boyfriend does the laundry because he knows I hate it … or that it would never get done if it were up to me. But still!”

“When we went away on vacation my ex packed extra clothes for me in case it got cold. Sooo cute.”

“My boyfriend cooks dinner for me and even packs my lunch for the next day. He also buys the tea I like, even though he hates tea, so I can have some when I’m at his place.”

“Back when I was first dating my now-husband, he used to record all my favorite shows to watch at his place — shows he’d never in a million years watch on his own — because he knew I didn’t have a DVR and didn’t want me to miss them.”

“This could be considered kind of creepy, but when my ex and I first started dating, he used to whisper things to me while I was sleeping. He didn’t know I was awake but he would talk to me about how he cared about me and how I made him want to be a better person. That was kind of amazing.”

“All a guy needs to do is buy me Peonies without me dropping hints or speak a foreign language and it’s a DONE DEAL.”

So what things have guys done to turn you into a swooning fool? Share your stories in the comments. Guys, take notes.