The Halloween Inspiration Board: Coco Chanel

Itching to dress up like a style dah-ling this Halloween? Dear old kooky Karl Lagerfeld is the obvious choice, but who wants to be obvious on arguably the most important fashion day of the year? Trust me: heads will turn if you arrive at your Halloween fete dressed as classic Coco herself. We prefer the older, established Coco Chanel, whom we imagine left a trail of heaven-sent No. 5 perfume in her wake, so we looked to Shirley MacLaine, star of Lifetime’s “Coco Chanel,” for inspiration.

  1. Tweed car coat, $139, Spiegel
  2. Tweed hat with an oversized brim, $175, Saks Fifth Ave
  3. Strands of fake pearls, $8.90, Windsor
  4. Red lipstick, $28.50,
  5. If matching tweed and gobs of pearls everywhere will overflow into your candy budget, you can always do “early Coco” and throw on your chicest, most slimming black dress. Google pics of Audrey Tatou in “Coco Avant Chanel” for inspiration!