Quickies: A “Gossip Girl” Threesome & A Letterman Ratings Boon

  • Gossip Girl” tried to get their freak on en masse for the Nov. 9 episode. [MSNBC] — Menage a trois? OMFG!
  • Judge Sonia Sotomayor made a talkative mark on the Supreme Court during her first day. [McClatchy] — The SCOTUS member reportedly talked more today than Clarence Thomas has in three years.
  • Do you think the placenta teddy bear made from a human placenta is creative or just gross? [Dlisted] — We vote for gross. There simply are no words.
  • David Letterman’s affair apology boosted higher ratings for last night’s show. [USA Today]
  • To go along with the traditional Bible, there’s the LOL Cats Bible Translator. [Dumb As A Blog] — It was bound to be created someday, but that doesn’t mean we’re happy about it.
  • A naked, inebriated Colorado man went on a highway rampage in which he pounded on cars and spit on a state trooper. [Asylum] — We bet even the cops had a laugh with this.
  • A vampire wedding? When bats fly. [Lemondrop] — Unfortunately, this idea isn’t nearly as “cool” as a werewolf-themed bar mitzvah.