How To Turn Eyeshadow Into Liquid Liner

We’ve gotten bored with the same old black, brown and gray liner that we use all the time. But rather than blowing money on a whole new set of colored liner, a few cosmetic companies make it really easy to turn your eyeshadow into smudge-proof liquid liner with liquid sealer. We tried one by Make Up For Ever and were immediately impressed by its awesomeness. We’ll show you how to use it after the jump.

  1. Gather supplies: An angled eyeliner brush, powder shadow, Magic Transformation Liquid (okay, that’s not the real name. But it sounds more awesome.)
  2. You don’t need much of the liquid, so squeeze a drop onto the cap of your shadow or another surface. Just don’t put it directly on the shadow as that will turn is hard and make future use difficult.
  3. Dip your brush lightly into the liquid and then run the brush through your eyeshadow until the angled edge is colored.
  4. Starting with the longest point of the brush at your inner eye, move outward in small strokes. There’s no need to do the whole line in a single go. (For a nighttime look, you can also apply the liner very lightly below the lash line with the same small strokes.)
  5. Finish off with mascara.

Now, I applied it very lightly and am in a rather tired, haggard place right now, but you can do it a little more heavily for a stronger statement, too.