Five Tips For Successful Fall Dressing

We really can’t express how pleased we are to be able to wear fall clothes without looking silly. The layers, the jackets, the booties, oh my! But while this is a thrilling time for glove and scarf-lovers everywhere, it’s also a challenging time in that the signs of total fall wardrobe failure are everywhere. You can avoid those classic foibles in a few easy ways though.

  1. We’ve been seeing a lot of people throwing dark tights under their Abercrombie shorts from summer and calling it a day. Sorry guys, but that won’t cut it. If you’re unable to part wit that particular type of gam-baring garment, you best buy yourself some wool shorts that extend at least mid way down the thigh. Pair them with entirely opaque tights and heeled ankle booties.
  2. No more sandals. Period. The most naked footwear you should be donning are peep toe pumps. If you’re going to attempt the socks with sandals thing, avoid your strappy ones at all cost, you’ll just look confused.
  3. Do not be the girl already wearing her puffy Northface down jacket in October. Instead, opt for lightweight jackets like a classy trench, woolen blazer or the ever-popular motorcycle jacket. (Hoodies, too, are verboten except in extraordinary circumstances when they look good rather than schlubby.)
  4. Did you jump on the dark floral print dress trend for summer? You are in luck, m’lady. All you need to turn that dress into a fall-apprioriate piece are the aforementioned opaque tights, some pimp boots or pumps and a cropped jacket to throw on top. (Bonus points if you add a rough waist belt to the look.)
  5. This is just about the temperature when you’re going to want to throw on those tights and leggings. The urge to wear leggings as pants will be strong in you. Resist that urge.