How Often Do You Buy New Jeans? And How Long Until You Chuck Them?

It goes without saying—the one item in your closet that’s older than the latest “High School Musical” star? Probably your favorite pair of jeans. A new survey from the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, England finds that Brits hang on to their jeans longer than any other piece of clothing, and that nearly two million people have pairs they bought as much as 40 years ago.

Hole-y jeans! Denim probably makes up the majority of our wardrobes. According to Cotton Inc., ” … the average [American] woman owns 8 pairs of jeans.” [Um, try more like a dozen. — Editor] Of course, nestled in that pile of denim are a handful of pairs we haven’t worn in years, but still hang on to for “good” reasons: they’re slightly out of style but will come back, or they will fit after I lose three pounds, OK?!

It would seem a survey like Lakeside’s is supposed to make us reevaluate our consumption habits, and let go of old waste … but is it really so bad to hang on to things? What’s your rule for jeans? Do you buy to replace? Or do you buy to add? []