Fashion Mag Editors Could Be The Next Top Designers

Everyone knows there’s a bit of a reciprocal trade-off in the fashion world: Designers create clothes to please the magazines, and the magazines feature styles that in turn dictate the trajectory of trends. We might know this implicitly (or, OK, from “The Devil Wears Prada”), but it’s not addressed too often.

Now, Grazia, everybody’s favorite European fashion mag, is bridging the gap between reader/designer/consumer by launching their own clothing collection. Really? Explain the editors: “We spend a lot of time thinking about clothes at Grazia. Even while we’re still attending the catwalk shows, we’re walking around with a wish-list of fashion hits in our heads – the definitive pieces that we’d love to wear for the coming season…So we got to thinking – how would it be if we actually created those pieces?” After the jump, more details and pics from the collection.

What the team came up with: Eleven special edition pieces to be sold in a variety of chains like Topshop, French Connection, and Asos (as well as online). While each item was designed specifically for a certain store, there’s a definite London-style cohesiveness that recalls Kate Moss—think long-sleeved sequin dresses, sharp-shouldered jackets, and structured taffeta tunics.

While the line might seem a bit removed for us (you know, being an ocean away and all), it got us to thinking …. What if Vogue or Teen Vogue created capsule collections that were high-end enough but still affordable? We’d be all over that like Angelina on a September cover. [Grazia]