Archie Married Veronica, And Now He’s Proposing To Betty?

Apparently a married man is never happy with the life he’s chosen, even if he’s a comic book character. Ever since we learned that Archie was putting an end to the decades-old love triangle and choosing either Betty or Veronica, we’ve been contemplating which of the ladies would become his wife. When news leaked that he would propose to Veronica in the comic book’s 600th issue, we were a little bummed. Of course he had to pick the rich blond bimbo!

But now it seems this isn’t exactly the case. While issue No. 600 had Archie at a fork on a road called Memory Lane, choosing the path where he saw his future with Veronica, their twins, and himself working for her tycoon father, issue No. 603 finds him envisioning what his life would be like with Betty as his wife. In a “Choose Your Own Adventure”/”Sliding Doors”-style story, Archie gets to see his life with both women. The company will certainly milk the drama for as long as it possibly can, but writer Michael E. Uslan has decided whom Archie will be with in the end. “I have written his final fate in one of these two futures,” he said. “Now, back in high school, it’s up to the three of them. Everything they say, don’t say, every action they take and fail to take, is going to add up to determine which of these two roads are taken. And one of them will be.” Pretty complicated relationship issues for a comic, no? [NY Times]