Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Gossip To Backstreet Boys

Every once in a blue moon, a Tuesday will roll around when the album releases are so good that you think about ditching work just so you can download everything and give it all a good listen, with no spreadsheets or TPS report to kill your buzz. Today, my friends, is one of those Tuesdays. After the jump, check out the new offerings from Air, Gossip, Built To Spill, The Raveonettes and, yes, the Backstreet Boys.

Air, Love 2
Even if you’ve never listened to Air, the adorable French duo of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, you’ve heard them by accident—their song “Playground Love” was the theme for Sophia Coppola’s “Virgin Suicides.” But it’s time you buy one of their records, OK? Their music is so haunting and sexy that it’ll instantly make you feel like you’re at a masquerade ball in a dream, making eyes with an uber-hot prince.

Gossip, Music for Men
We’ve come to rely on Beth Ditto and her mega-voice to bring us lesbian, fat-positive disco-punk. Luckily, Gossip is back with their fourth studio album, this time produced by legendary Rick Rubin. And let’s just say … the lead single “Heavy Cross” is an indication of just how good it is.

Built to Spill, There Is No Enemy
These Idaho indie rockers were my absolute fave in college. Their last album was a bit lackluster, but this one shows them at the top of their form, writing groaning, anthemic tunes. Yes please!

The Raveonettes, In and Out of Control
The Raveonettes are a guy/girl duo ambiguously tethered to each other, à la The White Stripes when they first came out. We are still adoring The Raveonettes’ pop-rock vibe as well as their impeccable Danish style.

Backstreet Boys, This Is Us
It’s too bad the Backstreet Boys already put out that song “Backstreet’s Back, Alright!” because that would have been the perfect lead single for their comeback album. This one is actually … a bit better than you’d expect, thanks to tunes produced by folks like T-Pain. Oh, and get better soon, Brian Litrell. Homedude’s got swine flu.