Would You Wear Your Wedding Dress Again? Could You?

Now here’s an economical answer to the now-ubiquitous I-want-two-dresses-for-my-wedding trend: zip-off dresses! (Like those rip-off cargo shorts, but chicer.) The Morgan Boszilkov Natural Bridal Collection designs detachable tiers that allow eco-savvy brides (bonus: the dresses are made of hemp and silk) two lengths for the price of one. If you’re looking for one of those “celebration dresses” for your reception, you got it—just detach the longer tier. If you can’t stand to buy something you’ll only wear once—they’ve got you covered. Just detach the second tier and wear it with, say, a very rock-and-roll leather motorcycle jacket for a night out. Check out what the dress, above, looks like after the big detach, after the jump!

With the right accessories and tough or menswear-y blazer on top of it, kinda sorta the cutest, right? [Trendhunter]