The YouTube Wife Is Back And This Time In A Music Video!

Do you remember Tricia Walsh Smith, aka the “YouTube Wife”? Last year, she made a video rant (relive the glory, after the jump) about her husband that went viral, probably because she talked about their sexless marriage and called him out on his porn stashes. Tricia’s husband is the wealthy New York president of the Shubert Organization, Philip Smith, who hid a clause in her pre-nuptial agreement that stated he could give her a “notice of termination” and throw her out whenever he’d like. And that he did. Her video didn’t get Tricia any money in the divorce proceedings, but it caused the divorce judge to accuse her of orchestrating a “calculated and callous” campaign of harassment against her ex. Oops.

Well, Tricia is back, and now she’s made a frickin’ music video. The song sounds a bit like old Pet Shop Boys, and I’m psyched for the inevitable remixes. This is a preview of the musical she’s working on called “Incredibly Brilliant Play.” Someone get this woman an agent! Most people seem to think Tricia, 53, is a gold digger who deserves nothing and is setting the woman’s movement back by causing a fuss. But why is asking for respect in a divorce anti-feminist? Her response to such accusations is, “He was all over me at galas and openings and parties. But when the photographers left, he’d recoil if I even touched him. People say I’m a gold digger, but who cares? I didn’t want anything when I married him, but now I want everything I am entitled to, which is half his fortune. Basically, it’s punishment. He took away my confidence. He made me into a Stepford Wife. All of our life was about him, not me.”

I don’t really want to be on Tricia’s team, but since everyone seems to be against her, I feel like I have to be the she-devil’s advocate! She was happily married to a man who started divorce proceedings behind her back (she heard from a gossip columnist friend), kicked her out of their home, and tried to get away with paying her £350,000, or 1/43 of the £15 million she claimed was promised in their pre-nup. I think it shows chutzpah that she broadcasted the trainwreck of her life in an effort to get justice, even though it totally backfired. Tricia intends to keep her ex-husband in court until all his money is gone. “If I end up with nothing, I intend him to end up with nothing,” she says. At least she ended up with plenty of material for her new musical, which might be produced in London’s West End or become a TV series.

What do you guys think: Is Tricia a detestable money-hungry biatch or just a scorned woman gone slightly mad?