Royal Roles: Robert Pattinson May Play Prince Harry!

prince harry and robert pattinson 100509 jpg
Are we really ready to see a biopic about Prince Harry considering that he’s, oh, only 25? Even better question … are you ready to see Robert Pattinson go from vamp to wild-child Prince? Well, rumor has it that Pattison is up for the role in Peter Kominsky’s new biopic about the ginger prince, called “The Spare.” The pic will cover Harry’s difficult life: his parents’ divorce, his mother’s death, and his constantly being in the shadow of his father and older brother. Wait, it actually sounds kind of good. And Pattinson would certainly bring some added sex appeal. [Buddy TV]

Yes, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren do a mean royal role. But after the jump, our superlatives for six other hot young actors who’ve brought the sexy back to royal roles.

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