Quickies: The Only Known Film Footage Of Anne Frank & Which Group Of Women Has The Most Sex?

  • The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam recently released the only known video footage of Anne Frank. It was taken when a neighbor was getting married. [ TrèsSugar] — I remember watching the film about her life in school and everyone cheered, boys included, when she finally kissed her boyfriend.
  • Chris Rock is teaming up with Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate for a movie adaptation of the article “Will You Be My Black Friend?” written by a GQ senior correspondent. [Essence] — Well, we know Chris has a special kind of humor when discussing race, so this film sounds like everyone will be entertained.
  • Wouldn’t it be so nice if [you] had a style genie that could just pop in and show [you] ways to rock [your] plain black dress with, like, three different looks and eight different trends for the season? Your wishes have been granted by College Candy’s Budget Stylista. [College Candy]

  • Sometimes a guy could use a pick-me-up, like brand-new white socks. These pick-me-up suggestions take very little effort, but are sure to put a smile on your guy’s face. [Your Tango] — I had never seen my guy smile so much until I bought him a set of Glad bowls because his were looking nasty.
  • A new study says women are germier than men!? [Shine] — My findings aren’t scientific at all, but when I worked at a movie theater, I had to change the soap and paper towels in the men’s room about two-thirds less often than I had to change them in the women’s room. So, excuse me when I say this study is crap.
  • Research says women who find prayer and meditation peaceful and who believe in the interconnection of all humans tend to have more sex than their counterparts. [Asylum]