German Women’s Magazine Bans Models From Its Pages

German models might soon find themselves out of work. Today, the country’s most popular women’s magazine announced that it’s banning professional models in favor of real people. Starting next year, the bi-monthly Brigitte will feature a mix of prominent women and regular readers in photos dealing with content from fashion to fitness in an attempt to fight unhealthy beauty standards and please readers who are sick of seeing models with “protruding bones,” said Andreas Lebert, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.Starting today, women may submit photos on Brigitte’s website to be considered for the magazine, and those selected will be paid the same as a professional model. Lebert said this “should not be understood as a declaration of war on the modeling profession,” but we can’t help but think of this decision’s effects on the modeling industry. Of course, models could possibly submit their photos to the magazine and be considered for photo shoots alongside non-models.

With Glamour’s recent support of models outside the typical size range, we wonder whether it would ever go in this direction. The magazine already features real women in fashion spreads every so often, as do Lucky and a few other magazines, and we actually like those stories more than the ones picturing models. Photos featuring real women often have more life and personality than the contrived ones. However, they take real people away from their day jobs, and put models out of work, which defeats the purpose of the changes Glamour has said it hopes to bring to the fashion industry. [MSNBC]