Drew Barrymore’s Hair Went From Kooky To Country Club

We were slightly baffled by Drew Barrymore’s most recent dye job, but it didn’t last long. Earlier this week, Drew appeared on “Today” and her blond hair no longer had black ends. She had chopped them off. Now she has the same ‘do as before, only slightly shorter. And she’s been wearing it slicked back.We couldn’t help but notice how this drastic change in hairstyle affected Drew’s appearance. With the black tips, she looked spunky and young. Drew is 34 years old, and while she’s not old by any means, the average woman in her mid-30s couldn’t sport a punk rock look like blond hair with black ends, unless she were a rock star or in some other super creative field. With a shorter, slicked-back bob, she looks older, maybe even older than her age. The length itself isn’t bad, but the way she’s pushed it back away from her face looks a little “ladies who lunch,” don’t you think?

We can’t wait to see what Drew decides to do next, because she looks pretty darn cute no matter what. And this quick switch made us realize, too, that if you want to try something different in the color department, doing it right before you get your locks chopped is a good idea, because having shorter hair means it will take less time to grow out an icky color.