Do You Wear More Black As You Get Older?

Recently, The Cut interviewed Natasha Lyonne about her fashionable closet, her “crisis” (as she call the drug-addicted and warrant-out-for-her-arrest period of her life) recovery-process and the need to be skinny to be fashionable. Besides Natasha’s viewpoint that fashion exists for skinny people (I’m choosing to ignore this ridiculous, ridiculous statement and chalk it up to long-term drugs-induced idiocy, fashionable ladies exist in sizes well about size 2) the interviewer mentioned something that stuck with me—”It seems most people move to all-black later in life.” Huh. Well, for me… This statement is actually becoming more and more true. I am motivating towards black (and more classic, subtle colors) with my clothing purchases as of late. I think it’s mostly because that lately, I’ve bought into the whole investment-fashion-piece theory (even if the stuff I’m buying isn’t even close to designer). I’m looking for more classic cuts, stuff that will only work this season and look foolish next. I’m sick of feeling like I need to buy certain shapes or hemlines in order to feel “with it” fashion-wise. When I’m shopping I’m buying clothes that Im looking to wear for years rather than just a few months, and black makes that easier. What about you, do you think that you’ve got more black pieces in your closet now than you did two years ago? As you get up there in years, are you gravitating more towards an all-black ensemble? [The Cut]