Colette’s “Fresh Paper” Candle: Highbrow Or Silly?

Sometimes these artsy-fartsy designer collaborations are deceptive: High prices aside, your instincts tell you that the appreciation for the product is more about the concept; and if it’s not something artistic, then it’s something ridiculous meant to rile up excitement.

Then, there are these special edition products that walk a fine line between highbrow design and sheer uselessness. They almost seem to be mock-testing your taste. Like, for example, Colette’s collaboration with the conspicuously edgy Another Magazine: a scented candle in the aroma of “freshly printed paper” which Colette describes as “much more than just ‘another’ product!”

Is this the kind of design item or conversation piece you’d like to have in your home? Or complete rubbish? [Colette]