Another Woman Confesses That She Had An Affair With David Letterman

Let the games begin! After the revelation on Friday that David Letterman was shtupping his intern/assistant Stephanie Birkitt, a second woman has come forward saying that she had a year-long affair with Dave. Holly Hester was an intern at the “Late Show” in the early ’90s and says that everything started when Dave asked her to the movies. “I was madly in love with him at the time,” she told “I would have married him. He was hilarious.” I wonder how many more women will step up, here? What is it about interns? Just that they’re young and less likely to make a stink with human resources?In other news, I excitedly bought the New York Post over the weekend because of the cover line, “Dave’s Secret Love Nest.” I was expecting story about a false wall and chamber behind it filled with whips and the like, like in that episode of “Ugly Betty.” Nope. The story here is that Dave’s office has a fold-out couch and kitchen, and that he rarely lets staffers in there. Sordid? I say not so much. I mean, a man can take a nap and make himself an omelet once in a while, no? [NY Daily News]