101 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now

All relationships need a little pick-me-up sometimes—even the best ones. To that end, YourTango has compiled a list of 101 ways to reconnect with your significant other, right now. These actions will make your partner feel loved, appreciated and desired, and will, in turn, make you feel more connected to him/her. Whether you’d like to increase intimacy, find a thoughtful way to say “I love you,” or just show your honey some gratitude, we’re sure you’ll find something useful in this list.And since the world (and our site!) is full of loving, creative souls, we hope you’ll share with us, in the comments section below, the special ways you share love and strengthen your bond with your significant other. We hope you’ll bookmark this page and refer back to it whenever you need relationship inspiration. Read the whole list, or skip to your favorite category from the list below. Read more

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