The Slick, Sexy Updo Hollywood And Supermodels Are Loving

News from celeb hair-land: There’s no need to dry your hair (let alone flat-iron it) before heading out for the night—just copy this sleek and sexy look, above. Lauren Conrad is the latest in a long line of stars sporting this way easy hair ‘do—Jessica Alba racked her wet-looking hair back last week and Kate Moss has been all about it for months now. (Oh, and, J.Lo has been rocking the look for decades!) Want the ridiculously easy how-to? It’s after the jump!So, really, it couldn’t be more easy. Start with super-wet hair, pull all back into a low pony—if you are into a part, this is the time to break out the comb and separate your hair. Comb hair into that low pony and tie. If you want to cover your pony elastic, just use the old hair covering trick. Ok, pony, done. If you’ve got the time and don’t mind your hair’s natural texture, let your hair air dry, or for added shine and hold, comb in Bumble and Bumble Gellac. If you want the sleek and super-straight look, above, take a blow dryer, carefully to just the hair in your ponytail. Dry and flat-iron. Done! And a make-up note: This is the type of ‘do that lets you really play up your face and make-up—so don’t be afraid to take risks, we like a super intense smoky eye or major eyeliner.

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