Poor Babies: Celebrities Who Tweet From Their Sick Beds!

Tori Spelling has been in and out of the hospital all week, complaining of severe abdominal pain. Apparently, seeking treatment has brought no relief, or even a conclusive diagnosis. I know this because her husband, Dean McDermott, has been keeping me posted 140 alphanumeric characters at a time. Tweeting about going to the hospital seems a surprising way to handle stress when a loved one is ill—at first. When I went back further into Dean’s twitter history I noticed he’d had an unspeakably unpleasant flu virus earlier this month. I noticed because he squawked, I mean tweeted, about his own discomfort more than he tweeted about Tori’s. To be fair, several tweets were concern for the health of his family, as he started his own recovery. There was something familiar, though, about the progression of these sick celebrity tweets. Has it become a celebrity trend to tweet health updates to concerned fans? After the jump, five more cases of celebrities tweeting their sickness.

  • Jimmy Fallon tweeted half a dozen groaning messages about how he was almost, just that second, nearly probably coming down with something. And how he didn’t think he should do the live show he had scheduled in Kansas City. Just in case. You can almost hear the fake-sick voice we all call our bosses with. It’s the one I use when I’ll be attending massive sample sales, I mean staying home ill, all day. You’re so cute when I’m identifying with you, Jimmy. [Celebrity Tweet]
  • Miley Cyrus probably caught hers from Jimmy. “Woke up with a sore throat =[ Why am I always sick?” she tweeted a few days after the Kansas City letdown. Then, yesterday when she announced she has strep, she tweeted a crazy picture of her dad, in what I kind of hope was a nurse’s costume, and a comment on her well being: “These are the times that my daddy REALLY comes in handy. He made me smile through the worst pain I’ve ever felt.” [People]
  • Lindsey Lohan apparently made the responsible decision, tweeting that she was staying in bed while sick, despite how lonely it was in there without Samantha Ronson. [Pop Sugar]
  • Elizabeth Taylor, 77 years old and hospitalized in May, tried to coordinate a smuggling operation on twitter—Liz tweeted to recruit a friend who could sneak her new puppy past hospital security, to her room. [Huffington Post]
  • Kimora Lee Simmons wasn’t sick when she went to the delivery room to give birth to little Kenzo. She tweeted the joy of birth, instead of the agony of illness, but she expressed it in the language of labor pains. “Having contractions now! Ooo-wee! It’s like WHOA!” [The Insider]
  • For the record, Tori Spelling hasn’t twittered a single complaint. In fact, her first tweet was in 2007, but I only count 12 more chirps from her since that day. The busy lady needs to get well, and then to get some free time. With luck and TLC, she’ll fight this off. And then tweet me, okay, Tori?