Padma Lakshmi & 9 Other Surprise Celebrity Pregnancies

padma lakshmi 100209 m jpg
If you thought Padma Lakshmi had just put on a few from eating all that gourmet food week after week, guess again. (Ha. Like you could really tell.) The “Top Chef” hostess is busy preparing for her next role—as top mom. Although she’s not spilling the caviar about the identity of the baby daddy (could it be her current boyfriend Manu Nathanan?), she is calling this surprise pregnancy a “miracle.” Why? Padma has struggled with infertility due to endometriosis. [Celebitchy]

Congrats Padma! I wonder if she’ll have to give up hosting the show? Bringing a baby to a Michelin-rated restaurant is kind of poor form. After the jump, 10 more celebrity pregnancies that shocked the pants diapers off us.

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