Loving “Mad Men”: More Ways to Overdose on 1963

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, it was the time of Don and Betty Draper from “Mad Men.” A stylish time of men in hats and suits and when people dressed up to go to the mall. A time before the hippies ruined everything with peace, love, patchouli, and beards. Here are a few ways to teleport yourself back without the hassle of building a teleporter…

  • Rhinestone Jewelry: An instantaneous solution!
  • Pillbox Hats: These are easy to find on eBay, in vintage shops, or even as custom made items. Peter Cambell might be awful, but his wife Trixie wears some fabulous hats.
  • The Train: It’s downright fancy when Don does it every morning, looking all cute with his paper. It gets bonus points for not making you take off your shoes before boarding too.
  • Sheath Dresses: Thank you Joan Holloway. These are available everywhere! Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Gap, and more will all let you show off those curves.
  • Horror Movies: Maybe not the obvious choice, but Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” beats “Saw” every time. Be afraid in black and white. Then be frightened all over again when you go outside. Hipster beards! They’re everywhere!
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