Food Habits, First Dates, And What It Means for Love

There are roughly one million thoughts and worries swarming through our heads on a first date. Is this a good match? Was that story I told funny-weird or just weird? And if the date takes place at a restaurant, the anxiety increases tenfold. Do I have food in my teeth? Did I order too little/too much? However, there’s an upside to having that first outing center on food—it could indicate whether a second date’s in the future.Food-ology and First Dates
Food-ology is the study of the connections between personalities and eating habits. Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert who came up with the idea, believes that everything, from how we order to the foods we chose to the pace at which we eat, reveals more about our inner selves than we realize. She’s quick to point out that there’s only so much we can tell from a first date—“[It’s] too early to tell, [since] actual eating habits are altered to portray the best behavior,” she explains. But there are some minor things we can watch out for that might give us major insight. Read more