Top 10 Reasons The Gaga-Kanye Tour Was Canceled

Live Nation has confirmed rumors that the Lady Gaga-Kanye West tour, “Fame Kills,” has been officially canceled. Gossip blog MediaTakeOut is reporting the decision was all Gaga — a probable fall-out from Kanye’s much-publicized VMA meltdown (though she was defending him as recently as a couple days ago). I’m not so sure, though — I can think of 10 other reasons these two would cancel a concert together…1. They couldn’t decide who would wear the pants.
2. Kanye suddenly realized he might clash with Gaga’s fan base.
3. Gaga decided Kanye’s poker face wasn’t up to par.
4. Gaga got tired of Kanye interrupting her during rehearsals to tell her how great Beyoncé is.
5. The ghost of Michael Jackson visited Gaga in a dream and told her to cancel.
6. Kanye denied Gaga’s request for a planned wardrobe malfunction.
7. Gaga denied Kanye’s request to let Taylor Swift headline.
8. Gaga asked herself, “What would Madonna do?”
9. They couldn’t find a venue big enough for Gaga’s hair AND Kanye’s ego.
10. They worried that the name of the tour, “Fame Kills,” might become a self-fulfilling prophecy.